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Tracking attendance with 1 click (Clocking in/ out system)
Tracking attendance with 1 click (Clocking in/ out system)

Taking attendance is a necessary but time-consuming task. You can now do it automatically in Organilog with 1 click

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Thanks to the clockings in/ out system in Organilog, you will be able to create different types of clocking, which your employees will be able to use to register various time information: arrival and departure times from the office, from a workshop, travel time, start and end of lunch break etc. This way, you will have an accurate follow-up of the time spent for each type of clocking in and out.

How to create clocking in/ out times?

From the Main menu on the left > Go to the "Clocking in/ out times" section > Click on "List"

To create your attendance tracking, open the " Clocking categories " menu at the top right of the page.

On this page, click on "Add a clocking category"

Enter the fields as needed.

In the example below, we are creating a clocking named Check-in, with a comment informing of the time allowed to perform this clocking " From 7 AM and 9 AM ", and the type of clocking defined as " Start of the day ". Remember to save your settings.

Once all your scores have been created, you can sort them as you wish (drag & drop). The defined order will also be displayed in the mobile app.

When your employees have registered several attendances, you can find them in a list. This list can be exported for monitoring/ report purposes (see example).

⚡ Tip: you can add emoticons (🌞🌜) to the names of your clocking categories to illustrate them and make them easier to read and more fun!

How to check in from the mobile application?

Depending on your needs, there are two mobile applications: one is dedicated solely to clocking in and out, and the other takes up several modules of the web application.

The principle remains the same for both applications: you will find a window with two buttons, the one on the left for scanning QRCodes and the one on the right for clocking in and out.

Click on the right button to find the list of your check-ins by click.

Select the clocking you wish to register.

Synchronise 🔁 your check-ins so that they are sent to the web application.

Please note: if you have made a mistake in selecting a clocking, you can delete it by pressing and holding on it. In the top right corner, an option will appear to delete. Clockings that have already been synchronised can be removed from the phone list but will still be present on the web.

⚡ Tracking attendance is available from the Business Package.
👨‍🔧 Contact our Support team for more information.

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