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How to Track Attendance with QR Codes
How to Track Attendance with QR Codes
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In Organilog, QR codes are available for each client, employee, and installation, your employees will be able to register their arrival at a customer's premises, a visit to an installation, or simply their own QRCode to indicate their arrival and departure at the site of an intervention.

How to retrieve QRCodes?

On a client, employee, or installation file, you will find a "Clocking in/out" tab where you can retrieve the QRCodes. Sometimes you have to click on "More" to find this tab.

In this example, on a team member's record, you must click on "Download the code associated with this user" to open a new page with a unique QRCode, which you can save by right-clicking "Save image as..."

Apply the same procedure to retrieve QR codes from an installation or client file. With these QR Codes, when a team member scans them, his or her name will be displayed in the tracking list.

In addition, you can also activate the Clocking module, go to Settings > Modules > Various modules > Clocking in/ out time, which will allow you to find all attendance tracking times available.

In the Clocking in/ out > List menu, you can filter the clockings by team members, by type (installations, customers, addresses etc.), and by dates.

In the Clocking in/ out > Day, week or month menu, you will have a summary of the clockings of your team members.

How to track attendance with QR Codes from mobile?

There are 3 options:

Once the camera screen opens, point the camera at the QR code. Tap the banner that appears on your Android phone or tablet. Follow the instructions on the screen and then synchronize 🔁 to update registered information to the web app.

You will find this attendance entry in the list in the " Clocking in/ out" tab in a team member, a client, or an installation file, or in the list of all the Clocking in/ out in the " Clocking in/ out times " menu on the left banner.

The list can be exported using the button located at the top right of the table.

⚡ Note: You can also be able to obtain the location associated with each attendance registration by enabling the setting below from General settings > Clocking in/ out:

⚡ Tracking attendance is available from the Business Package.
👨‍🔧 Contact our Support team for more information.

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