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Block access to a smartphone
Block access to a smartphone
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Mobile devices have access to company data such as client lists. It may be necessary to block access to the application remotely in case the phone gets lost or when a user is no longer working with the company.

Change the password

To block access to a smartphone, it is possible to change the password of the corresponding user from the web application. Each time the mobile application synchronizes, it uses the current password as authorization, like a key to open a door. If the password has been changed, the application automatically logs out and asks the user to log in again with the new password. The user will need to know the new password in order to log in and access the data.

Check last synchronization date

It is possible to check the date of the last synchronization of a user in order to verify if he/she is no longer able to synchronize the data since the password change. This interface is accessible from the "Settings" menu of the mobile application, then from the "Last synchronization" section.

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