When you add or modify an intervention, you can assign one or more action routines, linked to the intervention categories. These actions can be intervention categories or can describe a specific task in your operation.

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Associating action routines can be useful on several levels:

  • To enter an intervention detail more quickly

  • Classify interventions by type

  • Obtain better statistics on your work-related activity

  • Estimate the allocation of a regular task

Menu: Action routine management

You can edit actions in the "Interventions" section of the main menu. It is possible to add, edit or delete each action. The action display order can be edited by dragging and dropping rows in the table.

The "Intervention" column for each action lists the number of interventions on which the action has been selected, so you can filter them more efficiently.

💡 Tip: if you use the "Subsidiaries" system, also called "Activity types", you can associate action routines to a subsidiary, so that you can simplify the interfaces for editing an intervention according to the subsidiary on which you are working.

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