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Adding products to an intervention
Adding products to an intervention
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It is possible to add products to interventions within the Organilog platform. Adding products to intervention is a precise way to manage stocks.

1/ Enable the products module

If the products module is not yet enabled, you can activate it in Settings.

To do this:

  • Go to Settings (the cogwheel icon in the bottom right corner of the screen)

  • Modules

  • Management modules

  • Products

After having enabled the module, click "Save"

2/ Add a new product

Once the "Products" module is active, a new tab will be displayed in the left-hand menu to access the module. It is necessary to create at least one product in order to add it to an intervention.

Add a product, in the same way as you add any other item.

Tip: enter quantities and prices to generate detailed statistics on your stock management and sales statistics.

3/ Displaying products on an intervention

Once your product database is available, it is possible to display the products on the page for adding or modifying an intervention. Go to the page for adding/editing an intervention, then click on the "Display options" button and find the "Products" module to be activated.

4/ Adding products to an intervention

After activating the display of products, it is possible to add product quantities to an intervention.

Tip: By entering a quantity, the stock management of the product will automatically be decremented to the corresponding product.

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