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Export interventions

Help with data export and utilization

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Some important data, such as the interventions, can be exported. The data is exported in a CSV file, which can be easily read or processed with a third-party tool.

Demo video: To be updated.

Export button

By default, the Export button is not always visible.

This button can be enabled through the Display options.

In the intervention dashboard, you can click on the "Display options" (top right corner), then check the Column choice box, and save the changes.

The Export button is part of a set of three menus (Export - Choice of columns- Sorting of columns). It will appear at the top right of the table.

Export interventions

Once the export button is available, you can use it to export your interventions or the PDF sheets linked to the interventions in CSV format.

⚡ Important: Only data that are displayed on the interface will be exported. It is possible to use the filter system to limit the results in the table.

The export file will then be downloaded to your computer.

CSV file

The downloaded file is in CSV format. This is a popular format that can be read by a spreadsheet program such as Excel or LibreOffice. Many third-party software programs allow you to import data in CSV format, which will help you manage the import/export between several different programs.

💡 Tip: some software will allow you to get statistics on the interventions, filter the data, or to sort them according to your criteria, which will allow you to read the data more easily.

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