Data displayed on Organilog can easily be copied and pasted into an Excel, Libre Office or Google Sheets data table. This is particularly the case for tables in the statistics module.

First, you need to select the whole table to be copied, by using your mouse to select the rows and columns (by holding down the left mouse button), as shown in the example below.

Once the text is selected, you can copy it with CTRL+C or by right-clicking and selecting "Copy". The content is then saved in clipboard.

You can open a new Excel or Libre Office document and paste the data into it. It is possible to select a "special paste" to specify the need to paste only the information without formatting, as shown in the following example.

After copying the information, you can save the file. Besides, you can use the Libre Office features to create additional graphs or calculations if needed.

Note: This method only applies if the export data does not work for you, or if the export button was not available in any table.

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