It is common to follow predefined steps to organize workflows. These steps represent interventions to be planned for the people who will perform the work.

Organilog allows you to create a workflow that will be used as a model, in order to reproduce this model each time a new workflow must be started and planned on team members' schedules.

Demo video: To be updated.


  • Activate "Intervention group" module (in the list of modules)

  • Go to "Interventions" menu on the left 🡆 Intervention groups 🡆 Add a group of interventions

  • Name this group "Workflow model" then Save

  • Go to Planning menu and add each intervention that serves as key step for your projects to this "Workflow model"

  • You can also use the terminology "Workflow" (General settings 🡆 Terminology)

Once you have finished, go back to this template, access the menu at the top right, and click on "Duplicate with interventions". Then, your new workflow can start and you will only have to add the interventions to your schedule and assign them to one or more team members.

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