Automatically calculating the total amount of a product batch based on the quantity and the price of each of the products that make up the batch (purchase price and sale price).

How to add a batch to the list of products or services?

  • In the Dashboard select "Stock" in the main Menu

  • Select "Products or Services"

  • Then select "Add product or service" using the button at the top left

Check the "Batch" box

The creation of a batch will allow you to insert your invoices, quotes, and offers to bring together several of your products or services.

Tip: Please note if necessary add the detail of the batch in the field "Comment" so that it appears automatically following the batch and its price in your estimate or your invoice in a new line "Comment".

(Option to activate in the general parameters of "Invoicing": "Pre-fill the comment of a product when adding to a quote/invoice")

Note: Each product inserted in the batch must be created beforehand in the same way and with a price entered.
Without this, the automatic calculation between the different products and/or services of the batch will not be done!

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