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Create Custom Product Sheet for Quotes and Invoices
Create Custom Product Sheet for Quotes and Invoices
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This guide introduces the Product generation system, offering a solution for customizing quotes while maintaining confidentiality and cost details. With this tool, you can efficiently respond to client requests, ensuring that only essential elements are visible in the final document.

This feature is available in the Premium Package.

1 - Create a product from Stock:

  • Navigate to Stocks > Products or Services.

  • Click on 'Add a Product or Service'.

  • Expand the Batch/Product section.

  • Choose 'Product' from the list.

  • Enter product references from stock (use auto-completion for easier selection).

  • Calculations are automatically performed using the prices of the items that make up the work.

  • The price and quantities sections are not editable, and they display messages indicating that they cannot be modified.

  • Give a name to the product, and it's ready to use.

2 - Add the product to a Quote/Invoice:

  • In a quote or invoice, type a term from the description to display the product (use auto-completion for convenience).

  • You can add additional lines to the work directly from the quote/invoice document, allowing for quick additions of extra products.

⚠️ Important

  • VAT for products cannot be edited; a message 'Not Applicable' is displayed.

  • Products do not appear in accounting exports; only the products making up the work are mentioned.

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