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Product batch

How to find the price of a product or service batch automatically?

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You can find the total price of a product batch based on the amount and the price of each product in the bundle (purchase price and sale price).

How to add a batch to the product or service list?

  • Go to "Stocks" in the main Menu on the Dashboard

  • Click on "Products or Services"

  • Then click on "Add product or service" on the top left

  • Check the "Batch" box

Making a batch will let you put several of your products or services together in your invoices, quotes, and offers.

💡 Tip: You can add the details of the batch in the "Comment" field so it will show up after the bundle and its price in your quote or invoice in a new "Comment" line.

(Enable this option in the general settings of "Invoicing": "Pre-fill the comment of a product when adding to a quote/invoice")

⚡ Note: Each product in the batch must be created in advance in the same way and with a price. If not, the automatic calculation between the different products and/or services will not work.

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