You can now quickly add products from a purchase order to your inventory in one click thanks to Organilog:

Step 1: Select the order to add to the stock

Step 2: Replenish stock

All you have to do is click on the "Replenish the stock" button.

After clicking on the button, a dialog window will ask you to confirm your choice:

You can then follow the different additions to your stock from an order either from the "Stock" tab of a product sheet or from the "Stock movement" module and the status of your order will be automatically adjusted to "Received and validated".

⚠️ This "Replenish the stock" feature is only available for the Premium pack

Alternative method:

If you are not in a Premium pack, there is a second method to add the products of an order to your stock:

Step 1: Select the order to add to the stock

Step 2: Modify the status of your purchase order

Edit your purchase order, select the status "Received (to be added to stock)" and then save.

Step 3: Add or create your products in your database

A new "Receipt" tab will appear, from which you can add and/or create, one by one, the products to your stock by clicking on the "Add to stock" or "Add this product" button.

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