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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Text Reformulation Feature
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Text Reformulation Feature
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📢 New Feature Alert!

Now, with the help of advanced artificial intelligence, you can easily rephrase your job comments. Not only is this extremely convenient, but it also helps you identify any spelling mistakes in your comments.

And guess what? This fantastic feature is included in our Premium Package.

Here's how to make the most of it.

First, activate the feature.

Navigate to the gear icon, then click on Settings > General Settings > Lab. In the Management Module section, you'll find the option to "Activate the AI Reformulation Function." Don't forget to save your changes.

How to use it

Once the feature is activated, you can enjoy AI-powered comment rephrasing. When you are in edit mode for a job and there is already a comment, you will see a new link that says "Reformulate this text."

This link appears for both planned and executed comments.

Now, it's as easy as pie! Just click on the link, and a new window will pop up, displaying a rephrased text generated by our reliable AI. You have the option to retain the original text or replace it with the new text.

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