The Organilog interface has many fields for entering all possible information on customer files, intervention reports, information request tickets and quotes/invoices. Despite all the available fields, there are probably some use cases that are relevant to you but are not available by default.

The good news is that you can add custom fields to create an interface that best suits your needs. This article explains how to add custom fields.

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Corresponding items

Custom fields can be added for several types of items, such as users, customers, addresses, installations, products, orders, quotes, invoices, tickets, ticket replies, and interventions.

1/ Custom fields menu

To access the custom fields menu, click on the "Settings" button located at the top right of the interface. Then access the "Custom fields" menu in the left-hand menu. This interface lists all the custom fields that may have been defined within the platform.

2/ Add a custom field

To add a custom field from the menu, access the "Add a custom field" button. The interface for adding a new field has the following properties:

  • Module: Allows you to define which elements the custom field corresponds to. The same field can be added for several elements. For example, it is possible to create a "Buyer Information" field and display it for both quotes and invoices. To select multiple items, use the "ctrl" key on your computer when selecting multiple items.

  • Field description: Label used to designate this field.

  • Field type: define the type of data, such as a 1-line text field, a multi-line text field, a numeric field, or a drop-down list.

  • Remarks: To remember the purpose of this field.

  • Always visible? When the field is always visible, it will be systematically present on the records. If it is not always visible, a visible interface on the records will allow the field to be added to the record only when necessary.

3/ Examples of fields for the customer record

Adding new fields

In the example below, a " Follow-up date " field is added to the customer records.

This second example has a "yes/no" field to define whether the customer has an annual contract.

List of fields

Customer record

By default, the customer record does not display custom fields. Click on the “Display options” button to select the display of this new information > Save

Once updated, the customer file will display the new fields (see bottom of the right column).

Modifying/deleting a field

It is possible to modify or delete a custom field from the custom fields menu. Please note that if the label of a field is changed, this will not affect any archived data that may have been previously recorded.

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