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Add VAT tax rate for individual client
Add VAT tax rate for individual client
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You can define a VAT rate for each client.

This rate will be used on your quotes and invoices as you enter your client.

How to set up a rate for individual client?

To add VAT rate for a particular client, from the client's record > Click on Display options > Check on VAT rate > Save the changes

  • Enter a VAT rate in the field

  • And finally, save the changes on the client's record

How does it work on quotes and invoices?

When you create an invoice or a quote for this customer, the VAT rate will automatically be updated.

If you add an existing product or service to your database, the VAT rate of this product will not change, it will always be the rate you have indicated in the product file.

In this case, if you want to have different rates for the same product, you must duplicate this product and change its VAT rate. By using the product code you will be able to find the product you want to add in the lines of your quote or invoice even if these products have the same name.

If you create an invoice from an intervention, the client's VAT rate will be taken into account in the line where you find the price of your intervention.

It is however always possible when you create or modify your quote or invoice to modify this rate manually.

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