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Set a custom hourly rate for a client
Set a custom hourly rate for a client
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Sometimes, for some customers, you do not apply the same hourly rate as the one you usually apply.

It is thus possible on a customer record to add a different hourly rate and to select it in an intervention to modify the rate.

How to add an hourly rate on a client record?

From the "Client management" menu > enter the client's record.

If the field is not available, then from the Display options at the top right, check "Hourly rate", then save your selection.

The field now appears in the "Main contract" section, fill it in with the desired rate. As always, remember to save the change.

How to enter hourly rate in an intervention?

In an intervention, display the field "Actual budget" from the Display options.

This field will now appear on the planning part, both on the Planned and Completed sections. Click on the small calculator.

A window will appear allowing you to select the hourly rate you have defined for this client, click on the "+" to select it.

The actual budget will then be calculated, in this example, our intervention of 1 hour at an hourly rate of €60 for this client gives an actual budget of €60.

Note: To calculate correctly, in your intervention you need to:

  • Select your client

  • Fill in the start and end times in the planned or completed section

  • Click on the double arrow 🔁 next to "Working time".

  • And finally, you can select the hourly rate 👩‍🔧

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