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Change a client's primary address
Change a client's primary address

Management of primary and secondary addresses

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It is possible to have several registered addresses for the same client.

Organilog allows you to distinguish between a client's main address and secondary addresses.

When your client has several addresses, it is possible to define a main address, which will be the one shown on the client file, and then to create secondary addresses for different intervention locations for example.

The main address is often defined as the billing address.

Secondary addresses are usually defined as intervention addresses.

It is still possible to plan an intervention or to associate any other document with the primary address.

How to change the main address?

From a customer file, go down to the "Data" tab to access the address information, then click on the "Change main address" button.

A new window will open allowing you to select an address from the list to set as primary address, then save.

How to identify the addresses?

From an intervention (for example), you can now see easily which is the primary address and which is the secondary address.

The same applies to an invoice. It is now possible to select primary address as billing address and secondary address as the intervention address.

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