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Organilog offers several levels of contacts, which allows you to send a document to a specific person.

Note: In each module, from a client, address, or contact file, you can open the "Display options" to display or hide the fields of information.

1 - Client contact management :

From a client account, you can enter the information of what we will refer to as the main contact.

Here you can note the title, the first name, the last name, the email, and the different phone numbers of this contact.

This can be the receptionist, your main contact, the management, the accounting department, etc...

2 - Address management :

From an address record, you are able to note the contact's detailed information, including first and last name, phone number, email, and additional information about the address.

This can be the manager of a site, the security post, the reception, or an owner,...

3 - Management of the customer's secondary contacts:

This module should first be activated from the settings to be displayed in the "Clients" menu.

Once activated, here you can create a contact directory for each of your customers.

So you can create all the employees of a company if you need to, or the list of accountants of all your clients, salesmen, etc...

Now that you have 3 levels of contact, you can choose to send your documents either to the main contact of the customer, to the contact of the address, or to the contact associated with the item you want to send.

Let's take the example of an invoice in which I have selected a customer, an address, and a contact.

To send the document to the client, go to the "Report" tab, then select one of the send buttons.

  • The first button in the "Send by email" section concerns the email of the main contact on the customer file.

  • The second button concerns the email present on the address file.

  • The drop-down list includes all the secondary contacts that you have created for your client, if you click on one of them, the document is sent by email to the email address of this contact.

  • The fourth button allows you to send the document to your own address, the one that is present on the employee/user file.

5 - How to check the contacts :

From your client's file, by moving from tab to tab you can then view all this information.

  • In the tab "Data" you will find the main contact.

  • In the tab "Contact" the list of secondary contacts.

  • And finally in the tab "Addresses" the list of contacts linked to the addresses.

To view the details of each record, simply click on it to open it and display all the data.

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