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[Google Chrome] Create an email in Gmail from the "sendto" button
[Google Chrome] Create an email in Gmail from the "sendto" button

Send an email by clicking on an email address from Organilog

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If you don't have a default email address configured on your computer, when you click on an email address you won't be redirected to your Gmail mailbox, an error message will appear where nothing will happen.

To get Gmail to open when you click on an address like in the picture below, follow the steps below.

Step 1 (Windows): Set Chrome as your default web browser

  • In the Windows search bar at the bottom of your screen, look for the settings window: "Default applications".

  • Set "Google Chrome" as the default application for opening Email

Step 2: Set Gmail to Chrome

  • Open your Gmail inbox from Google Chrome

  • Use the following hotkey combo:

Ctrl+Shift+J (Windows)

Cmd + Opt + J (Mac)

  • This will open the JavaScript console for you.

  • Then enter the following commands and validate:

  • A popup window will appear at the top left with the text " wants: Open "email" links" and offers you the possibility to authorize or deny this access, in our case we are willing obviously allow it.

Now when you click on an email address you will be automatically redirected to a new message in Gmail.

Important: If however, this does not work, go to the following page: chrome://settings/handlers

Remove from the list of unauthorized protocols, then repeat the previous steps.

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