When you create a custom field, you can choose the order in which it is displayed in relation to other custom fields, using the "position" value.

By default, the position of a custom field is set to 0: this means that this field will be in the first position (above the other fields).

If, for example, you create two fields, both of whose position values are set to 0, then these two fields will be sorted in alphabetical order.

In order for the second field to be positioned above the first, it is necessary to :

  • Set the position value of the first field to "1".

  • Assign the position value "0" to the second field.

⚡ To anticipate a possible future modification (addition of new fields, to be integrated among the existing fields), it is recommended to leave a space in the numbering of the position values.

Taking the example above, if you wish to insert a third field between the two, you will have to re-edit the second field and set its position value to "2".

  • First field: position "0".

  • Second field: position "2".

  • Third field: position "1"

In this example, there are only two or three custom fields, but when you have dozens of fields, it becomes more problematic.

It is therefore strongly recommended to leave a position spacing of 5 or 10 (or even more if necessary).

Thus, the first field keeps its "0" position, but the position of the second field will be set to "5". On the screen, the display order remains the same. However, if in the future you wish to insert a new field between the two, you can simply choose a number between 0 and 5 to position it.

It will therefore be possible to create new custom field(s) and insert them between existing fields, without having to re-edit the position values one by one.

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