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Insert a PDF into your custom PDF template
Insert a PDF into your custom PDF template
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When you edit your customized PDF template, it is possible to insert a PDF document into it, directly, without re-typing, without copying/pasting, without constraint!

Very practical for, in particular, adding your T&Cs at the end of the estimate/invoice, or even various additional technical information to your work order.

1. Access the "Settings" tab of your custom PDF template

💡 Don't forget to select the "🖊️Edit" mode.

2. Download your PDF document

At the very bottom of the "Settings" tab, you will find a button allowing you to find your document on your computer, in your files.

Click Save to add the document. Proceed the above steps every time you add a new document.

3. Define where your PDF document should appear in the template (start/end)

Return to the "Settings" tab, at the very bottom: your PDF document will appear in the two small tables.

To set the desired placement, simply click on the name of your document in the small table of your choice, and it will be "selected".

To cancel the placement, simply hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on the name of your document, which will then be "deselected".

Don't forget to save! 😊

⭐ BONUS: Arrange the order of multiple PDF documents

If you upload several PDF documents, you can define the order in which they appear by drag-and-dropping them with your mouse.

Here again, remember to save your changes.

PDF support

"I've followed the tutorial, yet my document doesn't appear when I generate my PDF."

>>> No worries, it's probably a PDF version incompatibility between the document you've downloaded and our editor.

Open your PDF document from your computer, then print it using the Windows / Mac PDF printer: that's it! ✨

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