To better manage the stock in your different workshops, warehouses, or vehicles, the "Warehouse" module is available from Business package and allows you to allocate the stock in each of the warehouses when adding a product to an intervention.

How to activate the module?

Go to Settings, then to:

  • General settings

  • Lab

  • Section "Module management "

  • And select Yes to the option "Enable warehouse management (multi-stocks)".

The module will now be available in the "Stock" module in the main menu.

⚠ Note: Remember to activate the "Products" module if you do not have the "Stock" menu.

How does the "Warehouse" module work?

Start by creating a warehouse using the "Add a warehouse" button present at the top left when you are in the module.

Then enter a title for your warehouse and a description if necessary, and save.

You will now find your new warehouse in the list, click on it to enter its data.

On the warehouse file, you will find two tabs, "Data" which contains the information that we added previously as well as "Products or services" in which you will be able to add products or services to your warehouse.

To add products to a warehouse, type the name you have defined for a product to display in a drop-down list of suggestions and select it. Indicated the quantity you want to add to your warehouse, then click on the button with the "floppy disk" to save.

Whenever a product is taken out from the warehouse (for example in an intervention), in the "Stock movements" menu below your products, it will then be indicated that a certain quantity of this product has been deducted.

If you want to independently manage your general stock and the different warehouses, you can manually change the quantity present in the general stock, after adding a product to a warehouse.

How to add the products of a warehouse in an intervention?

From an intervention, you will now be able to select your warehouse, so when you add products to your intervention it will be the stock of this warehouse that will be deducted.

⚡ This option is only available from Business package subscriptions.

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