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Rentals module
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⚡ This module is available from Business Package

How to activate the module?

  1. In the Setting menu, click Modules

  2. Select Enable to "Rentals" module

  3. Click Save.

Once enabled, the Rentals module will appear in the navigation menu on the left and the Products module must also be activated.

How to select the products you want to rent?

In the Stock menu, specify the number of products you are going to lease, either existing products or new products.

To do this, you must enter the file of a product or create a new product. In the Rental field of the product file you need to specify the following information:

  • Check the box to make the product available for rental.

  • Enter the quantity available for rental (this quantity cannot be more than the quantity you have in your central warehouse).

  • Define rental rates according to the period (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly).

How to create a rental agreement?

  1. In the Rentals menu, click Lease agreement

  2. Click Add rental

  3. Fill in the rental form

  • Name: Agreement title.

  • Client: the person who rents the item.

  • Rental start date: the date when the rental agreement starts and the item is delivered.

  • Rental end date (return date): the due date when the item must be returned.

  • Status: the status of your agreement which will allow you to track it.

  • Product: the items you are renting to this customer, i.e. your products that are checked as "Available for rent".

⚡ Note: If you have additional information to enter at the bottom of the contract, it is also possible to add a field of type comment to format your contract.

How do I track my current rentals?

In the Rentals menu, you will find two sub-menus that will allow you to track the deliveries and returns of your rental items.

Item availability:

In this submenu, you will find the list of your rental products, their quantity as well as the dates of availability of the equipment.

In this example:

  • I created a product called " Ipad " with a maximum quantity of 5 available for rental.

  • I created a rental agreement from 15/3 to 30/3 with a quantity of 3 pieces.

  • I find on the follow-up my rental period, items available in total, and items unavailable during the rental period, but I did not indicate that the equipment was returned to me so a line "Validated but not yet returned " informs me that I have equipment still at my client's.

Return of items:

This window shows you the item availability in a daily view
Following my example, I find my rental contract for the Ipad dated 15/3 for 3 pieces.
I will also be able to change the status of the contract here.

⚡ Note: If your rental contract is for a week and 3 days, then the contract will include two rates, a weekly rate for the week, and 3 daily rates for the remaining 3 days.

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