If the default access restrictions for the different roles do not allow you to properly control what your users (employees) can create, view or modify, it is possible to create custom roles and fine-tune the access rights for each role.

More information on default roles: Access restriction article

How to create roles?

  • Go to Settings ⚙️ > Roles

  • As in all modules, you will find a button to "Add a role" as well as the list of roles already created.

When you add a new role, you will need to :

  • Give it a name

  • Define the rights for each module

👉 Example: I have named my role "Technician" and I have checked the module "Clients" which allows me to define the rights for this module.

I have authorized this role to view the data of all the customers only, but it cannot modify the data records, or add, export, or delete them.

Related terms:

  • View - All: Displays all the elements present in the module.

  • View - User Created: Shows only user-created items in the module.

  • Modify - All: Authorizes the modification of all the elements present in this module.

  • Edit - User Created: Only allows editing of user-created items in this module.

  • Add: Allows the creation of elements in this module.

  • Export: Allows you to export the elements present in the module (if applicable).

  • Delete: Allows the deletion of elements in this module (if applicable).

For each of the roles you are going to create, you will be able to define rights for the following modules (non-exhaustive list):

- Customers (and addresses)
- Installations
- Contracts
- Offers
- Interventions
- Intervention groups
- Customer requests (Tickets)
- Invoices (and quotes)
- Orders
- Clockings
- Employees

- Absences

- Absence requests
- Objectives

- Knowledge

- Costs

- Training

- Authorizations

- Medical visits
- Products or services
- Rentals
- Satisfaction questionnaires
- Files

- Search bar

- Recurrences

How to assign roles?

Once your roles are created, you can now assign them to your team members.

To do that:

  • Go to the “ HRM ” menu.

  • Open the "Team members" module.

  • Click on the Edit button in the record of an employee to whom you want to add a role.

  • Select " Custom Role " in the " Access Restriction " field.

  • Select the role from the list in the " Role " field that just appeared.

  • Save your changes.

⚠️ Important: Remember to check the account of a user to whom you have assigned a role to ensure that he has access only to what he should have access to! Only then can you extend the assignment of this role to other users.

⚡ Custom roles are only available in Premium Pack.
👉 Contact our Support team for more information.

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