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Restrict user access

Define the modules that are accessible for each user

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There are several levels of restriction for users on the Organilog platform. This ensures that employees or workers cannot access certain sensitive data, such as data related to turnover or other team members' schedules.

Define a restriction level

In each employee record, you have a field to choose the level of access restriction of this employee.

There are 4 levels of access: Administrator, Moderator, Normal, and Accountant (see the table below for the accesses of each role).

⚠️ Important: Always ensure that one of the users has the "Administrator" restriction level. Several users can be "Administrator" simultaneously.

"Normal" access

This level of restriction is intended for whom you only want to give access to interventions, tickets and messages. The rest of the interface will not be accessible to them (access will be blocked).

Several settings allow you to better define the access levels to which you want to give them access (from Organilog Settings >Team members):

  • To see the interventions of all the employees: allows you to configure whether the employees can have access to the schedule of their colleagues or only their own schedule on the web.

  • To edit only the performed data: allows you to authorize the users to modify the due date of the planned intervention or the details related to the intervention on the planned part. If access is not authorized, they will only be able to modify the data related to the completed part of the intervention.

"Moderator" access

This level of restriction has almost no access to any data except the advanced statistics related to interventions. This level of restriction is usually assigned to secretarial staff who can edit clients, and plan interventions, but cannot see the statistics.

"Administrator" access

This level of access gives access to all the interfaces of the application, without any restriction. This level is generally intended for the company manager or senior executives.

Accountant access

This level only gives access to the invoicing module when it is necessary to make exports for example or to have a look only at the accounting part.

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