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⚡ This feature is available from the Premium package.

The feature of creating a sector allows you to create different access restrictions to certain data for different users.

A sector can be applied to a user and a customer, this means that the user assigned to a sector will only see the customers of his sector as well as the elements linked to these customers (to be configured).

How to activate Sectors?

  • Open Settings > General settings.

  • Click on Lab menu.

  • In the Management Module section, select Activate customer sector management > Yes > Save

⚡Note: The option "Team members can only access the data of customers in their areas" allows you to partition data access.

How to create sectors?

Sectors can be created from the customer list, click on the categories in the top right corner to access the "Sectors" menu.

Click on the "Add sector" button to create various sectors you need.

How to use the sectors?

👷‍♀️ To your employees:

  • Open the HRM module and access a member record.

  • Edit the record and select one or more sectors on the right side.

  • Save the changes.

👩‍💼 To your customers:

  • Enter a customer record from the " Client Management " menu and then Clients.

  • Open Display options on the top right and select Sector to display the field in the client files.

  • And finally, select a sector in your client's file, on the lower left-hand side, then Save.

⚡ Note: You can associate an employee with several sectors but you can only associate a client with one sector. It means that the same client must be created several times and associated with each sector.

(For all advanced use, we highly recommend that you consult our support team)

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