It is possible to lock an intervention so that users with a "Normal" role will not be able to modify the information, whether from the web application or the mobile application.

How to lock an intervention?

From the intervention file, click on the spanner 🔧 at the top right to access the options and select " 🔒 Lock ". To unlock the intervention, simply do the opposite.

⚡ Note that only administrators and moderators have access to this option.

Automate the locking of an intervention?

It is possible to automatically lock an intervention after it is closed.

To enable this option go to:

  • Settings (⚙️)

  • General settings

  • Mobile application 📱

  • Section: General

  • Activate the option "Lock every finished intervention (be careful with this setting!)"

⚠️ Caution: This usage requires attention to the closing of interventions by the users, if the information is missing or incorrectly filled in and the intervention is locked, the information will not be entered in the intervention file.

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