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Assistance and Support with Remote control
Assistance and Support with Remote control
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To help you solve your problems, it is sometimes necessary to remotely take control of your devices (PC, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets).

For this, Organilog uses the TeamViewer software as a remote control tool.

Here is how to install the program and use it on a Windows system and a Smartphone.

I need help on my computer!

Start by downloading the latest version of the TeamViewer application compatible with your operating system.

Once you have downloaded the file, you have two options:

  • Open the software without installing it: This will not allow the person who takes control of your computer to enter the settings of your computer.

  • Install the software: The person who takes control of your computer will be able to search in your computer's settings if the problem does not correspond directly to your Organilog account.

Once the application is installed and opened, you should find an ID and a password that you will have to give to the person in charge of your support.

I need help on my smartphone or tablet!

The TeamViewer Quick Support mobile application will allow us to get feedback on your phone's display and thus understand a problem, a handling error, or a malfunction.

The application can be downloaded at these links:

Once the application has been installed and opened, as on a computer, you will need to provide the ID and accept the remote control of your device by the person in charge of your application.

Important: If we notice any problems on the device and it is necessary to involve a computer specialist, our support team may not be able to go any further in its research.

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