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You have the option to lock an invoice, which can be useful, for instance, after sending the document to your client to prevent further changes.

Step-by-step guide

How to do it:

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. Expand the options menu.

  3. Select “Lock.”

  4. Confirm your choice.

Depending on the selected locking system, certain invoice elements may or may not be editable. This is determined by the following settings:

  1. Access to settings

  2. Invoicing section

  3. Lock system

  • Partial locking (allows editing of additional information)

  • Complete lock (100% of invoice elements will be blocked)

⚡Note: We recommend using the partial lock system if you anticipate needing to make modifications to your invoices in the future.

Who can lock an invoice?

Users with "Administrator" or "Moderator" rights have the ability to lock invoices.

The following roles do not have permission to lock invoices:

  • Normal

  • Accountant

  • Custom role

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