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Personal service (Tax certificate)
Personal service (Tax certificate)

Create and send tax certificates to your customers in one click

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Our tool lets you create annual tax certificates for your customers automatically.

You can email them or print them and mail them.

How to activate this feature?

1 - Go to Settings at the top right of the screen

2 - In the General tab, find the Miscellaneous Module section

3 - Then select "Yes" for Tax certificates

4 - Click on the Company account tab and fill in these fields:

  • Date of personal service approval

  • Personal service approval number

  • Type of personal service activity

5 - A new tab will appear on your customer files, where you can download the tax certificate in a few clicks.

6 - Display the CESU Amount field

This will let you enter the amount paid by CESU (which will be shown on the tax certificates).

Go to the Display options for your quotes/invoices to enable this field:

7 - Choose how to calculate the amounts and create the tax certificate

You can choose between two methods to calculate the amounts on the certificate: from the jobs or from the invoices:

  • If you choose from the jobs, the amount will be based on the duration and the hourly rate of each job, regardless of the invoices issued. This method is recommended if you don't use Organilog's invoicing module.

  • If you choose from the invoices, the amount will be based on the invoices linked to each job. You will need to click on the "Generate an invoice" button from your job or add the job to your invoice to make sure the link is correct.

⚠️ If you choose from the invoices, you must add each job completed at your customer's to the invoices of the year so that the amounts are accurate on the tax certificate.

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