In the HR module, there are two separate sections for managing your employees' absences.

⚠️ Remember to activate email notifications in the Notification Center settings.


  • Only administrators have access to this section

  • All employee absence requests are displayed in a list on the dashboard

  • You can create an absence here (the employee will not receive an email)

  • By default, the absence types are Sick leave / Paid leave and Unpaid leave. Depending on your use, you can create others (Annual leave, Maternity leave etc)

  • When you change the status from 'New' to Pending / Accepted / Rejected, an email is sent to the employee notifying them

My absence requests:

  • All employees can access it to make an absence request

  • When an employee creates a request, an email is sent to the administrator (to the address entered in the company account section) to process the absence request and change its status

  • The employee also receives an email when the absence has a new Pending / Accepted / Rejected status set by an administrator

📆 All absences accepted or with New / Pending status (dotted) are displayed on the schedule.

Alert of colleagues' absences (Premium package)

  • A warning message appears in the absence form if other absences are registered during the same period. This is ideal for better organization and to easily decide whether an absence should be validated or refused.

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