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Photos not received on the web application
Photos not received on the web application
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The mobile application allows you to take photos to associate with interventions. The photos can then be synchronized with the web application to enhance the reports with the photos.

This article provides explanations in case the web application does not receive photos of the reports.

💡 Good to know

The mobile application synchronizes the data itself at regular intervals, except for the photos. Indeed, the application takes the initiative not to synchronize the photos in order not to consume too much data in case the 4G connection is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to click on the manual sync button to send the data.

⚡ Note: if your photos are large, the sync will take a long time (up to several minutes). The same will be true if you have a lot of photos to synchronize. It is therefore advisable to reduce the size of the photos and to sync more regularly.

Hypothesis n°1: Does the package allow photo synchronization?

Photo synchronization is available for the "Pro" and "Business" packs. Following your registration, you can test these offers for 15 days, otherwise, the other packs do not have the option to synchronize photos, only the data will be synchronized, but not the photos.

Hypothesis n°2: Is the internet connection strong enough?

As the synchronization of photos is generally voluminous, a good internet connection is required. Ideally, the connection should be wifi, but 4G or 3G connections are also possible.

💡 Tip: avoid synchronizing manually if the 4G connection is failing, and wait until the equipment is connected to a wifi network.

Hypothesis 3: Are the photos too big?

It happens that some mobile devices do not have enough power to manage the sending of several photos that are too large. You are therefore invited to reduce the size of the photos taken by the device, reduce the number of photos associated with interventions, and synchronize more regularly in order to avoid such problems.

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