When you add a new intervention, the client and the intervention address are the two main fields to be filled in. This short guide will explain how to add a client and how to create a client if it does not exist.

Add client form

There are 2 different ways to add a client, you can customize it in the General settings > Clients > Autocompletion :

  • From a drop-down list: suitable for a small list of clients to easily find existing clients.

  • Autofill function: more suitable for a large customer list, to avoid loading a huge customer list.

In the example below, the customer is added by autofill.

Add a client and address in a simple way

You can find a small button in the form of a "+". This button allows you to add a client if it does not exist yet.

By default, the interface is very simple. A title/name for the customer is required. The other fields are optional, you can add the missing information later if needed from the client module.

After you have completed this field, save it so that the client is created. You then have a new field available to add an address by clicking on the "+" button:

Another way to add a client or address

You may want to add more detail to the customer and address form so that you don't have to go back to the customer's form to fill in the rest of the information.

Several options are available in the general settings of the web application to expand:

  • Detailed form for adding a customer

  • Detailed form for adding an address

  • Form to add an address: display the Company field

  • Add address form: display the Phone field

  • Add customer form: add type choice

These settings can be found in Settings 🡆 General.

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