Each intervention has a report that can be downloaded in PDF format. This report, which is easily customizable, can be used within your company to archive the intervention reports or be communicated to your customers (by email or in hard copy). It is possible to send the report by email to your customers with a simple click, through the Organilog platform.


It should be noted that the reports in PDF format can be downloaded to your computer. You are then able to send an email with your own email tool and personalize your email to your client.

When deciding to send the reports by email through the Organilog platform, it is advisable to inform your contacts that the reports will be sent through a third-party platform, and should therefore plan to receive the emails from the Organilog platform.

Tip: it is recommended to add the Organilog email address to your list of authorized contacts in order to avoid that they are inadvertently received in the spam box. Furthermore, if the email accidentally arrives in the spam mailbox, you should tell your email reception tool that it is not really spam, but that the email is legitimate.

Step 1: Access to the intervention file

To send the intervention report, you need to go to the intervention file. Then click on the "Report" tab (available in the Premium package). By accessing this tab, you will have access to the button for sending the report.

3 quick send buttons are available:

  • Send report to a client: allows the report to be sent to the email address associated with the client of the intervention.

  • Send report to address: allows you to send the report to the email address associated with the client's address.

  • Send report a user: allows you to receive the report by email (useful for testing how the email is received).

Step 2 (optional): Add an email to the client

When a client does not have an email address, the send report button will be disabled. You should first add an email to this client. When this is done, go back to the intervention file to try sending it again.

Step 3: Send the report

With just a simple click on the corresponding button, a report will be sent via email.

Remember: Check the sending history

The interface records each of the report's submissions.

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