Organilog mobile application is an offline app, which means that the app works with a database stored on a mobile device, and that data is updated with the web app during synchronization. Automatic synchronization is done every 15 minutes if the application stays running, it is possible and recommended to do a manual synchronization after each data modification if the network allows it. (e.g.: when closing an intervention, recording information, and sending the synchronisation to the web application immediately afterward).

Problems encountered?

It happens that after an update or several modifications of data and settings on the web application that it is necessary to clear this database on the mobile application to recover an updated version and be compatible with the installed version.

Images are blocked and have not been synchronised:

  • Open the phone's file explorer

  • Go to: Internal storage -> Android -> Data ->com.organilog.V3

  • Check the contents of the folders

  • Copy the folders or contents to another folder to save them

⚠️ Warning: if you delete the database without saving these images they will be lost.

To do this :

  • Open your phone settings

  • Open the "Application" menu

  • Open "Organilog" app

  • Open the "Storage" menu

  • Click on " Clear cache " then " Delete data ".

  • Open the "Organilog" application

  • Enter your login and password

  • Check if the problem is solved

If this does not solve the problem, please contact support via instant messaging who can investigate in more detail what the nature of the problem might be. The more detail you provide about the problem, the easier it will be to understand, replicate and fix.

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