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Interface color themes
Interface color themes
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From the settings, you can find the color customization menu of your Organilog interface to adapt it to your corporate identity!

There are two options:

(1) Select a default theme: General Settings > Theme > Choose a default theme.

(2) Customize color schemes: General settings > Theme > Customize interface colors.

You can then choose the colors manually on the color palette or by entering the hex code* of the color(s) of your logo. The colors of Organilog menus and submenus will then be customized to your brand!

(*) Hex codes are a hexadecimal format for identifying colors. * The hex code is the code identifying the color. You can find it using a simple tool like "Paint" or "The Color Box". Otherwise, ask your Marketing/Communication department for this information.

⚡ Note: All users can change the interface's colors, regardless of their access restrictions.

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