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Help on how to use the Kanban view (workflow) in the Offers module

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With the Organilog Offers module, you can create your own workflow as a Kaban board.

For example, it is common for companies to define several categories for their offers. The tool is perfect for better overview and handling.

Here are examples of two standard workflows:

Standard sales process:

  1. Prospecting

  2. First call

  3. Demo

  4. Offer

  5. Close deal

Tender response process:

  1. Tender evaluation

  2. Project selected

  3. File finalization

  4. File submitted

Step 1: Go to the Offers module and activate the Workflow/Kanban view

Step 2: Display the group tab

Go to Display Options > Check Group Tabs box > Click Save

Step 3: Create your groups

Once the Group tabs is displayed. You can start creating your activity group.

The video below shows the following:

  • Access groups

  • Add a group

  • Edit an existing group

Step 4: Assign steps to an activity group

The video below shows the following:

  • Go to the Stages category.

  • Add a step

  • Edit the steps

Step 5: Arrange step orders

Step 6: Use the view

You can now navigate between your different workflows. It is possible to scroll through your different offers by using the horizontal slider at the bottom of the page. The module also allows you to drag offers from one stage to another by dragging and dropping.

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