The module allows stock monitoring, associated with purchase orders, quotes, invoices, or interventions.

Add a product to your stock

  • In the Dashboard select "Stock" in the main Menu

  • Select "Products or Services"

  • Then select "Add product or service" using the button at the top left

  • And fill in all the necessary data then click on "Save"

⚡ Good to know :

  1. It is possible to mass import a product catalog if it is in .csv or Excel format. If necessary, consult the article: Importing products

  2. To create a batch of products or batch products, see the article Create a batch of products

Statistics also make it possible to determine the turnover generated for each product and to find the history of consumption by invoice or intervention.

Stock management

In Settings ⚙, go to Lab, you will have the option to choose how the products or services are deducted from your stock.

Multi-stock or manage multiple stocks

If you have several stocks (by truck or workshop for example) it is possible to integrate them using the functionality.

To activate it go to the settings ⚙ > Lab > Management module > And choose Yes to "Enable warehouse management (multi-stock) "

The Purchase module for managing Suppliers and Orders is available from the Business package.

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