Organilog allows you to separate interfaces by type of activity. By associating an activity type with an employee, a customer or an intervention, you can organize and monitor your activities more easily.

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Separating the interfaces in the settings will allow your employee linked to a certain type of activity to see only the team members, clients, and interventions related to that type of activity. It is, therefore, not only very useful but also simplifies the interface and makes the monitoring process more efficient.

To do so, you need to enable the feature in Settings → General Settings → Team members

With this feature an employee linked to an activity type:

- In HRM → Team members, will only see the employees who are also assigned to their activity type.

- In Customer Follow-up → Customers, will only see customers assigned to their activity type.

- In Interventions, will only see the interventions related to their type of activity

Finally, when the employee linked to an activity type creates an intervention, this intervention is immediately associated with the employee's activity type.

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