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To adapt the application to your needs there are various settings that can be changed.

Let's take a look at the different main menus available.

Where are the settings?

The settings can be accessed from the cogwheel icon ⚙️ at the top right of the software.

What are the main menus?

General Settings: Includes all the settings for the different modules, i.e. what you want to be displayed or how you want the application to respond.

Default PDF Reports: Includes all the settings for customising and displaying PDF reports by default.

Custom PDF Reports: This provides a list of the various custom PDFs you create.

Email Settings: Includes several settings for sending emails from the application and customising the content of these emails.

Modules: Lists all the modules in the application and allows you to activate or deactivate them.

My Account: Shows the information of the account with which you are connected.

Company account: Gathers all the information of your company, information that will be included in the "Company" part of the PDF.

Types of activity/ Subsidaries: Allows you to create different types of business activities.

Custom fields: Allows you to create custom fields and list them.

Taxes: Allows you to create and list the different taxes

Viewed pages: Lists all page views on the web application by all users

Hourly rate: Allows you to set standard hourly rates for service contracts.

Sending reports: Lists all reports sent from the web and mobile application by all users.

Activity history: Lists all activities on the web application.

History of modifications: Lists all modifications made from the web application on all elements.

⚡ Note: These different menus contain other sub-menus which will allow you to choose which module you want to modify. The titles normally allow you to understand the purpose directly, and a tooltip represented by an is also available on some fields to provide more information.

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