There are two methods of invoicing interventions for a client, details are as follows:

Invoicing a single intervention

You have just completed an intervention for a client and you wish to invoice them.

This will generate a new invoice, in the product line you will find the title of your intervention and its amount based on the basic hourly rate entered in the parameters. The products added to your intervention will also be included in your invoice, in the product lines following the intervention line

The parameters for modifying the display of the intervention title can be found in:

  • Settings

  • General settings

  • Billing

  • Section: "Interventions".

You will be able to choose between several options for pre-filling an intervention on an invoice + an option for customising the information to be displayed on an invoice (using dynamic values)

Invoicing several interventions at once

If you need to invoice several interventions for a client in the same invoice, then you need to create a new invoice via the "Billing" function from the menu on the left, then "Billing" and finally "Add an invoice".

From this invoice you can:

  • Select your customer and their address

  • Add the corresponding interventions by clicking on "Add an intervention", or by typing the number or the title of the intervention in the product line, it is also possible to write only "Intervention" and they will be suggested in the list.

    Of course, only the interventions related to the selected customer will be presented in this list.

How do I track my invoices?

When you invoice your interventions with the first or the second method, a link will be created between the two elements, i.e. between the invoice and the intervention, or interventions in the second case.

To have this information quickly, you need to activate two things in the "Dashboard" of your interventions.

From the "Main column" section, check "Action: Status".

Thus, in your table which lists your interventions, you will find the number of the invoice linked to an intervention, and also be able to change the status of the invoicing of this intervention.

Please note: the status of the invoicing is not automated, which means that when you update an invoice as paid, the button in the list of interventions will not be updated by itself, you must do it manually.

You will also find the link to the invoice directly in the intervention file (it may be necessary to check these choices in the "Display options" if you do not have the same information as on the screenshot).

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