Organilog allows you to manage your workload in the future in the short, medium, and long term with the different intervention statuses.

The "Provisional" status will help you to classify your interventions and anticipate your recurrent maintenance to be planned for example, or any other activity that you must plan and especially not forget!

How to activate this status?

  • Open the Setting

  • Go to "General settings".

  • Then in "Interventions".

  • Select the following option:

How to use this status?

When you are going to plan an intervention, you now can set various statuses, including the "Provisional" status.

In an intervention, go down to the "Intervention Performed" section and choose the status from the list:

What does this status mean?

You will be able to easily distinguish the interventions in " Provisional " status on the schedule, they will be grey and surrounded by dotted lines.

In the "Dashboard" of the interventions, you will find a sorting system that allows you to list only the interventions with the status " Provisional ".

Thus it will be easy for you to define a schedule and anticipate the planning of future interventions!

⚡ Important to know for the mobile application:

An intervention that you create with the status " Provisional " will not be synchronized to the mobile application, the data present in the interventions with the status " Provisional " will thus not overload the synchronization unnecessarily.

An intervention already created with another status, once it has been changed to " Provisional " status, will remain visible on the mobile application because it has already been synchronized, but it will not receive any more updates as long as the status does not change. It will be displayed on the mobile application on the due date it was originally scheduled. As soon as you switch back to another status, the updates of this intervention on the mobile application will be updated again.

How to find and manage interventions in " Provisional " status?

In the dashboard, you can sort all the interventions in " Provisional " status using the sorters.

Once you have the list in front of you, you can apply different information filters and a schedule to choose the interventions you need to plan.

To help you, you can quickly apply a bulk action on the interventions to define another status.

💡 Tip: as you do not necessarily know the exact date and time of these interventions, you can enter the first day of the month in the "Planned intervention" section.

At the beginning of each month, you will be able to list all the interventions that you will have to plan and contact your customers to define the exact date and time of the appointment.

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